Trenbolone For Sale – An Amazing Steroid Hormone

Trenbolone has an interesting history as far as anabolic steroid hormones go. It was introduced into the market on purpose, and it is still available today for its original use: it is a livestock steroid hormone. It turns cattle feed into lean muscle mass in livestock. It was first injected, but to save time and effort, Trenbolone is now produced in pellet form and inserted into a subcutaneous layer of skin, and the animal just goes about its business, eating.

It is used throughout the agricultural world as a means of producing more meat per pound of grain, and more lean meat per animal. It works fine. There are no problems associated with Trenbolone and its use. But, alas, people in the United States are beginning to complain that the meat is laced with those ‘horrible steroids’ and they are demanding free range chickens, and beef and pork not raised on steroids. They are unaware that the hormone levels in the beef have no direct impact on the beef, or their stomachs or bodies. If there were enough steroids in the cattle’s meat to affect a person, it would never reach the dinner table. At any rate, if you added an ounce of steroid hormones to your beef as you cooked it, it would not affect anyone. The heat would destroy the bio activity of the steroid hormone, leaving a useless and tasteless oil behind.

As harmless as it is, Trenbolone may be a thing of the past if people are going to believe the nonsense associated with some reports. Body builders developed an interest in it, and they wanted to know where they could buy Trenbolone online. Since it produces large quantities of muscle mass, body builders began using it. They took the pellets and added sterile water to it, and injected it into their muscles. They discovered that this anabolic steroid hormone is like no other ever found.

Underground laboratories have, over the years, developed their own supply of Trenbolone for sale. They realized that this anabolic steroid had an anabolic rating of 500 (testosterone is 100). They discovered that Trenbolone is five times as effective as testosterone in building muscle mass.

Trenbolone is amazing in that it affects nearly every cell in the human body. This is not true of other steroid hormones. Trenbolone is likely the most powerful anabolic agent every produced (so far, anyway). What Trenbolone can actually do, which makes it sound impossible, is make our bodies use ten times the amount of the food we are taking in. In other words, if we eat a pound of meat, only one tenth of that meat is used by our bodies. With Trenbolone, we would likely use all of it. This is why it is used on cattle to such successful review.

There are, of course, side effects to the use of this amazing steroid hormone.

Gynecomastia is a problem in some men (that is the growth of female-like breasts). This can be dealt with by taking testosterone supplements, or it will fade when the steroid is withdrawn. The usual male hair growth and baldness depend entirely upon a man’s genetics, and are related only to what his body would naturally do, anyway.

Cholesterol is a problem, as it depletes HDL and helps produce LDL. This can be dealt with by changing diet, such as not eating a hamburger and fries, no alcohol, no over the counter medications. Follow label directions, always. Never cycle too much Trenbolone in your system. Never over dose on steroids.